Become the brand you want to be

Whether you want to grow your brand with multichannel ad campaigns, boost your daily active users, or develop an app from scratch, we’ve got you covered! Our innovative AdTech solutions and team of experts will be by your side every step of the way.

For advertisers/app developers/app publishers/everyone that wants to grow

Three Spring Group is home to four leading digital marketing brands and a range of proprietary technology solutions. Individually, each agency and solution provides specialized services to meet the particular needs of web, mobile, and app advertisers, publishers, and developers. Together, they are united in their shared purpose: to help companies flourish in the digital world.

Digital solutions for your business are our business

Leverage intent-based marketing strategies and tactics to grow your online presence, secure more leads, and drive sales.

Using cutting-edge technology, we analyze online behaviors and patterns to personalize marketing messages, delivering the right products or services to consumers at moments when they are engaged and have a high purchase intent.

Launch high-performing programmatic ad campaigns on mobile, desktop, and connected TV

Our programmatic DSP is designed to help advertisers maximize campaign ROI and reach target audiences with high-performing formats, including display, native, and video on traditional
channels such as mobile and desktop, as well as emerging ones like CTV.

Publishers can easily monetize assets by tapping into our ad supply filled with premium global and local advertiser campaigns. Take advantage of our AI-powered demand optimization algorithms, earn higher CPMs with our auto-bid optimization tools, and much more

Join forces with mobile marketing masters for explosive growth

Our in-app digital agency knows exactly where to show your ad campaigns and how to optimize them for the highest conversion rates.

We’ll bring you new users through a range of premium SSPs, DSPs, and exclusive direct placements while minimizing fraudulent traffic, so your budget is never wasted. With a combination of brand awareness and retargeting campaigns, new users will be driven to action.

Bring your app to life, then bring it to market

Our highly skilled team of app developers can transform your idea into a slick, fully functioning app ready for prime time.

That’s when app marketing specialists step in with a go-to-market plan that includes creating relevant and compelling content, distributing it to the App & Play Stores, and marketing your app with high-converting campaigns to bring you exposure and active users.


We specialize in a range of digital advertising and marketing services, including DSP, in-app marketing, mobile web marketing, SEO, native advertising, and app development to deliver comprehensive solutions for your brand.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies across various industries.

A DSP is a platform that allows advertisers to buy digital ad placements across a range of publisher sites in real-time.

A: Yes, our DSP allows granular control over budget, audience targeting, and other key performance metrics.