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LightAd DSP

Our in-house programmatic DSP, LightAd, delivers exceptional results and profitability. Advertisers gain access to premium and exclusive brand-safe publisher inventory and AI-powered tools that maximize ROI by optimizing targeting, bidding, and campaign management. Publishers benefit from LightAd’s unique and lucrative local and global ad campaigns, plus AI-powered auto-bid optimization tools that generate higher CPMs and increased revenue.


By seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources and showing a comprehensive, unified and detailed view of campaign performance, media experts can delve into key metrics and extract actionable insights. A robust set of analytics and reporting tools can be used to make informed, data-backed decisions that boost performance and unlock new opportunities.


InGames is dedicated to turning ideas into fully functioning mobile apps. The team specializes in crafting apps that are not only impeccably designed but also strategically optimized for monetization. Their expertise and attention to detail ensure apps stand out in crowded marketplaces, delight users with a top-notch experience, and become revenue-generating machines. 

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