We specialize in a range of digital advertising and marketing services, including DSP, in-app marketing, mobile web marketing, SEO, native advertising, and app development to deliver comprehensive solutions for your brand.

Our client base is diverse, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies across various industries.

A DSP is a platform that allows advertisers to buy digital ad placements across a range of publisher sites in real-time.

A: Yes, our DSP allows granular control over budget, audience targeting, and other key performance metrics.

Connected TV

CTV advertising refers to the placement of ads on internet-connected television sets. These ads are served to viewers watching content through Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming services, smart TVs, or other connected devices.

Unlike traditional TV advertising, which is broadcast to a general audience, CTV advertising can be targeted to specific viewer demographics, locations, and viewing behaviors, allowing for more personalized and effective campaigns.

Targeting and Reach

CTV advertising offers various targeting options including geographic location, viewer interests, demographic data, and even specific types of content or shows.

The reach of CTV advertising can be both broad and targeted. You can choose to run a national campaign or focus on a specific geographic area or demographic.

Cost and Budget

The cost can vary based on several factors including the quality of inventory, targeting criteria, and the overall demand for the ad space.

Compliance and Regulations

Yes, it’s important to adhere to regulations such as data privacy laws and industry standards for ad formats and placements

In-App Marketing

We offer a range of in-app advertising options including banners, video ads, and interactive elements to engage users within a mobile application.

We utilize various metrics including CTR, conversion rates, and ROAS to gauge the effectiveness of your in-app marketing campaigns.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of advertising where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the platform on which it is placed.

Unlike traditional display ads, native ads don’t look like ads. They are integrated more seamlessly into the content and are less intrusive to the user.

App Development

Yes, we have a dedicated team of developers, designers, and project managers who can build custom apps tailored to your needs.

We develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Mobile Web Marketing

Mobile web marketing refers to any marketing efforts that target users on mobile devices via web browsers.